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Sandra B, Nevada City

Not being a very techy person, I really appreciate how David streamlined my computer so I can easily navigate in a much simpler manner. It was very easy to communicate my needs and he completed the work in a short period of time and very reasonable cost. I highly recommend his savvy skills!

Patricia F, Nevada City

David was amazing. He gave me all the information I needed in selecting a luxury SUV. I couldn't have come down to a selection without his help. I highly recommend his advice and especially his knowledge. Wow his knowledge was amazing.

Barbara M, Nevada City

David was efficient and easy to work with. He quickly grasped my tech needs...and fixed the issue in 20 minutes with no stress. What a relief! He was consistently supportive and gave me the space to learn rather than taking over any device.

Teena M, Nevada City

Thank you Sierra Tech Guy for saving me lots of money! I thought I needed a new phone but now my phone works perfectly...Your honesty will keep me as a customer 'cause goodness knows this tech-challenged girl will need more of your expertise!

Nanci M, Grass Valley

David basically did everything to get me up and running with Wi-Fi, streaming, TV, and Mac connectivity. David is brilliant, a great troubleshooter and an invaluable resource. Plus, he answers his phone and is always willing to assist.

Don & Dawn S, Ocala, FL

Fast and flawless service. Do not worry about the California address. We live in Florida, it was as if he was next door. David brought us into the 21st Century by recommending the right kind of smartphone and phone plan. Do not hesitate to use his expertise.

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